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The vision we have started with is to see Ethiopia as a nation built on righteousness, justice and rule of law. To achieve this, one of the major contributions our Fellowship has undertaken is the institutionalization of faith-based dispute resolution services within the Christian communities, the outcome of which would greatly contribute to the nation's justice system determination to promote and advance the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms.

For that reason, ECLF is engaging into such activities with close collaboration of the pertinent government institutions and all the Christian Religious Institutions, especially the Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia.


The Center to be established under the auspices of the ECLF could play a very important role, especially in settling disputes that arise within our churches and church affiliated organizations through conciliation, mediation and arbitration.

In addition to these valuable services, the center will play a very important role in reducing conflicts and disputes that arise within churches and Christian ministries. Most of the conflicts that arise in the church seem to be very avoidable if the appropriate rules, regulations, guidelines and contracts were in place before the conflicts arise.  An important task of this Center could be studying these problems that often give rise to recurrent conflicts in churches and by advising the leadership of our churches on how best to avoid these conflicts.


Accomplished Activities on ADR

Beginning from December 2010 until May 2011 ECLF has been working with The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission as a partner Organization. As a result of this partnership we have been working towards establishment of a Reconciliation Center.


Activity One:

A sensitizing workshop was held in December for about 70 lawyers, prosecutors, and legal professionals.  The major objectives of the training were

To acquaint legal professionals with the concept of ADR and discuss on its applicability in cases of resolving religious disputes

Member lawyers, prosecutors, judges and other legal professional were encouraged to promote and opt to use ADR as a primary means of resolving dispute.

Activity Two:

A sensitizing workshop was held in January 2011 for about 120 Church leaders. The major objectives of the training were:

To promote the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms with in religious institutions that bases their theology/doctrine on the bible.

Challenge the leaders on their trend to opt for court proceeding as dispute resolving mechanism

Activity Three:

A Four day intensive training on Conflict Coaching and Mediation for 70 Legal professionals and church leaders was held in Evangelical Theology College in late February. The training was given by volunteers; Chip Zimmer & Dr. Karl Dortzbach, from Pacemakers ministry, United States of America. The major objectives of the training were to:

Build the capacity, lay foundation and develop professional-level mediation skill for professionals and Church leaders to resolve conflicts and make peace with in their immediate community.

Prepare individuals who would volunteer to work in ADR center as we are heading towards institutionalizing Alternative dispute resolution service;

Reflection on the Training:

The training had introductory sessions, presentations, role plays, and discussion Questions (including personal application questions).  At the end of every role play there were reflection sessions that made the training lively and meaningful. Participants actively participated in the training in asking questions and participating in role plays.  The training went beyond introducing concept and principle of coaching and mediation, it has equipped the participants with basic skill of coaching and mediating day to day conflicts which they can actually practice.


The Service;

The Ministry of Justice and some courts have began sending us church dispute cases and some individuals in dispute have also approached us to settle their case using ADR mechanisms.


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